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Green Peak Energy and Allume make solar more accessible

By July 27, 2020News

ARENA grant funds technology trial powered by Green Peak Energy PPA for The Salvation Army.

Green Peak Energy is thrilled to announce our recent collaboration with Allume Energy for The Salvation Army rooftop solar project.

The Salvation Army has entered into a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Green Peak Energy for their Glenorchy site, located just outside of Hobart in Tasmania.

The Green Peak Energy solar PPA will provide The Salvation Army with renewable energy at a cheaper rate than they buy from the grid.

Using Allume’s technology the SolShare, The Salvation Army will be able to use the solar energy generated, as well as on-sell any excess to the other tenants in the building, a unique capability of the SolShare.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has announced $220,000 in funding to enable Allume to deliver the $1.04 million project. The funding will go towards the technical and legal development of the SolShare to enable the solar PPA on-selling functionality.

“This an incredibly exciting opportunity to be able to support a new technology and participate in a project that enables not-for-profit enterprises to focus on their core business,” said Gavin Lewis, CEO, Green Peak Energy. “Renewable energy, and rooftop solar in particular, are now more accessible than ever. We look forward to the successful roll-out of this offering to other locations,” he added.

Read more about the project with Allume here.

A diagram representing the SolShare on-selling PPA arrangement