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Create up to 50% cost savings compared to traditional energy supply arrangements

Green Peak Energy provide bespoke on-site renewable energy solutions to commercial and industrial clients with zero upfront costs.

Why Choose Green Peak Energy?

Zero upfront or on-going system costs

GPE provide bespoke on-site renewable energy solutions to commercial and industrial clients that have zero upfront or ongoing system costs, other than a fixed agreed amount for each unit of power delivered by the system installed.

Fully wrapped solution

The arrangement is governed by a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) whereby GPE funds all installation, operations, maintenance and site restoration costs and includes detailed carbon reporting.

A true long-term energy partner

Future-proofing on-site energy needs by continually monitoring energy usage against proven market technologies to bring opportunities to reduce carbon and increase your renewable footprint.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement?

Green Peak Energy install, own and maintain solar systems and bill you for the power that is produced. We are similar to an energy retailer but generate power on-site, rather than remotely, avoiding transmission and most retailer costs. The customer remains connected to the grid for residual energy requirements.


Existing building with no solar


GPE pays for installation of solar panels


Customer contracts to buy cheaper electricity


GPE takes care of all repairs and maintenance

Green Peak Energy Solutions


A Portfolio of Solar Power Plants
Green Peak Energy install, maintain and operate a portfolio of solar power plants at customers’ premises.


Power Purchase Agreements
Customers sign a Power Purchase Agreement with Green Peak Energy for an initial term of between 5-30 years.


Cost effective fixed energy rates
The customer purchases all the electricity generated at fixed rates up to 50% below the cost of grid-sourced energy.


High quality products & maintenance
Green Peak Energy only use products of the highest quality and manage the ongoing operation, maintenance and insurance for the life of the contract.

A sustainable future is our priority.

Enquire now regarding our products and learn how you can  start saving. Make your business more sustainable.

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