Green Peak Energy offer solar power purchase agreements to business customers

You only pay for the electricity we deliver, at a cheaper rate than you get from your energy retailer. We take care of everything and there are no upfront or other on-going costs to you.

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The Opportunity

Australia is one of the sunniest countries in the world which means we are rapidly becoming a leader in the renewable energy sector.

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Using your current electricity bill, we assess your energy usage and determine how we can help you save money through offsetting your electricity usage with solar. Next, we check your premises is suitable for a Green Peak solar installation. Then we use cutting edge software to design the best solution for your business. Finally, we present you with a comprehensive proposal, complete with projected savings and carbon offsets.

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Once the proposal is accepted, we then lodge all the necessary permits and applications to the relevant local authorities on your behalf, including the grid connection application. After the approvals have been granted, we procure the equipment and manage the installation of your new solution.

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As soon as the Green Peak system is commissioned and switched on, you will be able to use solar electricity during the day instead of grid sourced power. This will result in a substantial reduction in the bill from your energy retailer. Green Peak will start to bill you for the renewable electricity generated by the installed solar power plant. Overall you can save 10-50% on your total electricity costs.


We stick with you for the life of the power plant. As Green Peak own the system, we are highly motivated to make sure it’s operating as efficiently as possible. This also means that as there are improvements in technology that can benefit you, we will offer to upgrade the system – at no cost to you.

The Fine Print

We provide a power purchase agreement, where we install and maintain a solar power plant and sell renewable energy to you at a rate that is cheaper than you can purchase grid sourced power from your traditional energy retailer. Power purchase agreements are for between 7-30 years, with better rates for solar generated electricity the longer the agreed contract term.

Green Peak is able to work with both property owners and tenants, so even if you lease, we can help you find the right solution to your energy needs.

If you move premises before the end of your power purchase agreement, we may be able to help you transfer the contract to the new tenants and/or potentially move your plan to your new location.

At the end of your power purchase agreement, you can buy the system from us or we can work with you to arrange removal.

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Why Green Peak?

Green Peak Energy offer solar power purchase agreements to business customers

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